Keyword Match Types for Effective Paid Advertising

Keyword match type is useful to increase relevant clicks and to reduce irrelevant clicks to get out maximum positive results, increase CTR and maximize ROI of your advertising budget. It is important for online advertisers to learn about different keyword match types to run successful ad campaigns.

The match type of keywords are also used to make your paid ads reach broader to specific audience, or to show the ads to wider audience, or only to potential customers.

There’s one more important thing to remember that there is no need to add misspellings or case-sensitive keywords as Google Adwords will target these keywords itself and show your ads for these types of search terms. It is also advised not to use any special character in keywords.

Google Adwords give five types of keyword match types to advertisers to select, broad match, broad match modified, phrase match, exact match, and negative match type keywords. All these match type of keywords has their own advantages and disadvantages.

1. Broad Match Type Keywords

Default match type of keywords in Google Adwords is Broad Match type keywords. This type of keyword match helps to trigger ads on relevant variation of your search terms, synonyms, and misspellings, singular or plural forms and on other related searches.


Broad Match Type Keyword Ads may show on search terms
Formal shoes Formal shoes
Formal footwear
Formal shos
Evening footwear

2. Broad Match Modifier Keywords

Modified broad match type keywords allow advertisers to show their ads on specific words in a key phrase. For this type of keywords, advertiser just needs to simply add ‘+’ modifier in front of any specific word for which the advertiser want to show the ads.


Broad Match Modified Keywords Ads may show on search terms
Formal +shoes Evening Shoes
Black dress shoes
Men shoes

3. Phrase Match Keywords

Phrase match type keywords gives better control and reach to trigger ads on specific search terms that matches to the exact phrase or close variants and on the search queries which have some additional words before or after the exactly targeted key phrase. In phrase match keywords you just need to add quote marks round the phrase keyword e.g., “formal shoes”.


Phrase Match Keywords Ads may show on search terms
“formal shoes” Black formal shoes
Formal shoes for men
Formal shoes for students

4. Exact Match Keywords

Exact match keywords used to target specific users who are searching for exactly the search terms which an advertiser is targeting. An advertiser needs to use square brackets round the keyword e.g., [formal shoes].

This match type will trigger ads only to very limited but specific audience and also limit your ad reach. Google Adwords also can include very close variants of your exact match keywords to misspellings, singular or plural forms, stemming (for example, floor clean and floor cleaning).


Exact Match Keywords Ads may show on search terms
[formal shoes] Formal shoes
shoes formal

By using, exact match keywords you might get decrease in impressions and clicks but will definitely get an increase in Click-through rate (CTR) and also might get an increase in ROI.

5. Negative Match Keywords

Negative match keywords are important to add in Google Adwords campaign to reduce irrelevant clicks for your paid ads. An advertiser can add the search terms as negative keywords which are getting clicks on ads for the search terms which you do not want to target.

Negative match type keywords are used to exclude your ads from showing on negative targeted search terms. For example, you are selling or targeting “formal shoes” customers and do not want to show your ads on “sports shoes”, in this case you can add “sports” as negative keyword to stop showing your ad to the audience who are searching for sports shoes related search queries.

Hope, you all get a brief idea about Paid Advertising keyword match types.

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